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Hope For All Of Us
By P. Foster on 13 December 2015
Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

Absolutely riveting. A thought provoking and inspirational story.
Both engaging and unsettling. Challenging us to consider what this life is all about.
If that’s of interest to you then read this book.

I finished the book inspired.
By Settimo Figlio on December 30, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I was very excited to read Amanda Peter’s book having also had experience in the religious life. Amanda writes her experiences with an honesty that is deeply rooted in her faith – a faith she had not abandoned. It is delightful to read a memoir where the person who has gone through the mills comes out whole and unscathed. Too many memoirs of ex-nuns and priests usually see the writer taking an adverse path upon leaving, and perhaps rightfully so. I would recommend Miss Peter’s book to anyone, especially to get a nice view of Mother Teresa and how she interacted with her sisters and the poor. I finished the book inspired.

Reason to Hope
by Amanda Peter
Trafford Publishing

reviewed by John E. Roper

“It was to save souls from the fires of hell. To pray and suffer for them that God may give them his grace and mercy. This is what resonated with me.”

It all started with a question from a friend at a party. When a friend asked Amanda, a married woman now living in London, why she had once decided to give up on a career and marriage and instead become a nun, it touched something deep inside her. She suddenly realized that by sharing her “sacred secret” with others, bringing to light the road that God had led her on, her story could be used to inspire others who might be struggling in the dark like she once was. The result is a rich, thoughtful, and compelling memoir of a period of spiritual growth and service.

Amanda’s interest in spiritual matters started early in her South African childhood. Raised Catholic, she remembered as a five-year-old her intense longing to receive the Eucharist like her mother and older brother, Alan, did. As she grew so did her desire to know more about God and to be sure she was following the right path, especially as she encountered people of other faiths. Despite marriage proposals and medical school, the call to follow God where he was leading was too strong to ignore. His road at first led her to become a postulant with an order in San Vittorino, but it would eventually culminate in service with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Then, after almost a decade in this form of ministry, a serious illness was used by God to move her back into the medical field and marriage.

Filled with personal transparency as well as a wealth of information on the Catholic faith, the author’s well-written account of her early life is both touching and thought-provoking. Her belief that her story might inspire others has truly been achieved.

Inspiring read
By E H S Hijazi on 15 Feb. 2016
Format: Paperback

An absolutely wonderful, thought provoking account of a woman’s belief in God and her journey to find Him. Her trust and faith in God only increases throughout life’s adversities inspiring her reader. Amanda shows us that there truly is always Reason to Hope. Highly recommended.